The Beatles’ co-lead vocalist and bassist, Paul McCartney recently posted a tweet about his upcoming project on his Twitter account and shocked his devoted fans by saying that his next album will be released in a month.

Not a month goes by without Paul McCartney making it to our headlines with a new project. As you may recall, the 78 years old rockstar released his 18th solo album ‘McCartney III‘ on December 18, 2020, and it was a great success. Just a few weeks ago, McCartney announced that he’s going to release his autobiography in November but it seems like he has some plans before that too.

A couple of days ago, Paul announced that he has been secretly working on a remaking of his latest album in collaboration with young musicians. ‘McCartney III Imagine‘ will be a reinterpreted version of his solo album which will include remixes and covers of the original songs by musicians such as Phoebe Bridgers, Sti. Vincent, Beck, Josh Homme, Dominic Fike, Blood Orange, and many more.

The album will be released on April 16, and Paul McCartney’s excitement considering the remaking of his songs in each artist’s ‘own signature styles’ seems to have inspired him immensely. In fact, Paul released the first single ‘The Kiss of Venus III Imagined: Dominic Fike‘ from his upcoming album on March 11, and it has already received hundreds of thousands of views and comments.

Here’s what Paul McCartney said in his recent tweet:

“‘McCartney III Imagined’ – Coming Soon 🎲

Personally curated by Paul, ‘Three Imagined’ features an assortment of fellow artists and friends, each reimagining their favoriteMcCartney IIItracks in their own signature styles.

Pre-order here.”

You can check out McCartney’s tweet and listen to ‘The Kiss of Venus III Imagined: Dominic Fike’ below.