The Beatles’ co-lead vocalist and bassist, Paul McCartney recently shared a story on his Instagram account and expressed his happiness considering the great success of the first singleKiss of Venusof his upcomingMcCartney III Imaginealbum.

As you may recall, the world-renown rockstar who achieved worldwide fame as the bassist of The Beatles, released his 18th solo album ‘McCartney III‘ on December 18, 2020. The album was highly appreciated by both fans and critics who applauded Paul’s ability to always create original music.

Following that, on March 11, McCartney announced that he has been working on the remaking of his most recent album in collaboration with young musicians, such as Phoebe Bridgers, Blood Orange, Josh Homme, St. Vincent, Beck, Dominic Fike, and many more. The album which will be called ‘McCartney III Imagine‘ will include remixes and covers of the original songs in each artist’s ‘own signature styles.’

The release date of the album is April 16, and just to give a taste of what’s coming, Paul released a single, ‘The Kiss of Venus‘ by Dominic Fike. The single has already surpassed a million views on YouTube and based on McCartney’s latest Instagram story, it is charting on the Spotify US Viral charts. It is clear that he couldn’t keep this news to himself and posted a short video of himself from the music video of the song and celebrated its success with a lyric from the track, ‘Have you read the paper?’ which was highly enjoyed by his fans.

You can watch Paul McCartney’s Instagram story and watch the music video of ‘The Kiss of Venus‘ below.