The Beatles icon Paul McCartney joined the musicians who celebrated the 80th birthday of his bandmate, Ringo Starr, by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account and showed his respect to another legend.

Paul wanted to share a funny picture of Ringo to make everybody smile on this special day and celebrated his birthday with good wishes. In this way, Paul showed that he still cares about his long-time friend even though they don’t mention each other on their social media posts for a while.

However, the fans were surprised after seeing this celebration from Paul because they were not hanging out together much and not playing in the same stage for a while. Because of that, fans asked if they know each other or not and criticized this relationship in a brilliant way.

Here is what Paul McCartney captioned:

“Happy birthday Sir Richard alias Ring. Have a great day my long time buddy!”

Here is the most liked comment in the post, from a fan named Nicholas McAnulty:

“Wait you guys know each other?”

You can check out the post below.