During a recent interview with the Paul McCartney website, The Beatles bassist and co-lead vocalist, Paul McCartney, talked about his recently released ‘McCartney III Imagined’ album and revealed his favorite track while praising the musician that created something so original.

As you know, Paul McCartney has been one of the rockstars who has appeared in our headlines the most during the past months. The iconic musician who rose to fame as the co-founder, songwriter, and bassist of The Beatles released his 18th solo album ‘McCartney III’ on December 18, 2020. Just some months later, he announced his upcoming autobiography ‘The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present’ which will be published on November 2.

At the beginning of March, Macca once again excited his fans by announcing that he’s been working on the ‘reimagined version of his latest album in collaboration with a range of recording artists, such as Director .Paak, Beck, Blood Orange, Damon Albarn, Dominic Fike, Ed O’Brien, Josh Homme, Khruangbin, Robert Del Naja, Phoebe Bridgers, and St.Vincent.

The ‘McCartney III Imagined‘ was released on April 16, and it has already been appreciated by millions all around the world. In his recent interview, McCartney was asked to name the musician whose reimagining of a track was the most surprising to him. Paul said that some of them shocked him in a very pleasant way as he couldn’t foresee how his tracks would be recreated by these young artists.

He said that ‘The Kiss of Venus‘ which was reimagined by Dominic Fike was ‘the most surprising one’ and he explained why. The fact that Fike had added his own lyrics and artistic touches was very inspiring for Paul and he stated that he really enjoyed seeing how Fike went out of the script and created something so original. He added that the video that Dominic Fike did was also ‘terrific.’

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“Were there any moments where you were surprised at how the songs had been reimagined by the artists? Were there any that really shocked you, because they were unexpected?”

To which Macca responded:

“Some shocked me in a very pleasant way because I had no feelings as to what they ought to do. The Dominic Fike track was really surprising because he’d really reimagined it and added his own lyrics and everything, which I think if it’d been strictly controlled someone might have said to him ‘No, stick to the script!’ but I thought it was really good. He went beyond it, and the video he’s done is terrific.

So, I think his was the most surprising. Then the others were great, too. Each one of them had got something very special about them. Strangely enough, when you play them all together, they all work. Even though you’ve got Josh Homme doing a sort of raw, rock ‘n’ roll thing with ‘Lavatory Lil,’ and 3D doing an even longer version of ‘Deep Deep Feeling,’ then Phoebe Bridgers doing her version, St. Vincent doing hers, Khruangbin theirs which I love… it’s like, ‘Wow!’ Listening to it in the evening at home, it turns the place into a disco!”

Click here for the source and you can listen to Dominic Fike’s ‘The Kiss of Venus’ below.