Paul McCartney, the iconic co-lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles, has revealed the meaning of a nonsense-seeming phrase in the lyrics of the band’s phenomenal song ‘Sun King.’

During the recent interview Paul McCartney gave to Mirror, he has explained one of the most famous catchy phrases of The Beatles songs. When the band was working on their eleventh studio album, ‘Abbey Road,’ they came up with some meaningless words as ‘chicka ferdy‘ in the ‘Sun King.’

Although the founder of the band, John Lennon said in 1969 that these words didn’t mean a thing and only used as the childish teasing phrase, McCartney has disclosed more of ‘chicka ferdy’ lately. He said that the phrase actually means ‘fuck off’ in his hometown, Liverpool.

McCartney added that when they included the words to the lyrics of ‘Sun King’, they thought nobody would know what it meant and most people would think the words as something Spanish.

Here is what Paul McCartney said during the conversation about the lyrics:

“There was a thing in Liverpool that us kids used to do, which was instead of saying ‘fuck off,’ we would say ‘chicka ferdy.’ It actually exists in the lyrics of the Beatles song ‘Sun King.’

In that song, we just kind of made up things, and we were all in on the joke. We were thinking that nobody would know what it meant, and most people would think, ‘Oh, it must be Spanish,’ or something. But, we got a little seditious word in there!

We had a few words and phrases that, if one of us said it, would amuse the others because it was like a secret code. We just used to say absolutely silly little things.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.