On Twitter, The Beatles‘ legend Paul McCartney shared a short cryptic video of a red-colored illustration of a hot pie referring his solo album ‘Flaming Pie‘ which arouse the curiosity of the fans.

The Beatles icon Paul McCartney released his tenth solo studio album ‘Flaming Pie’ in 1997. The album gained huge success peaking at number two in both the U.K. and the U.S. charts.

Recently on his official Twitter account, Paul McCartney shared a 14-second video of a red-colored illustration of a pie with flames on it.  The video Paul posted was assumed as a reference to his ‘Flaming Pie’ album and the fans were hyped up about a possible remastered edition of the album.

The Beatles star hasn’t announced any further information about his post. However, the fans showed how excited they’ve already been via their comments on Paul’s tweet.

A fan named Shel wrote:

Tell us what it is! What is it about Flaming Pie! Tell us!

Another fan named Christian also commented:

“A Flaming Pie remaster/reissue!?! It has to be!!! Brilliant album, and underrated by many in the music press!!!”

Another fan nicknamed Peace Lovin’ Guy wrote:

“This has gotta mean something awesome is coming our way…”

You can see the video Paul McCartney shared on his Twitter account below.