The Beatles bassist and singer, Paul McCartney, shared a picture from the very first times the band was playing on Instagram to celebrate their late bassist Stuart Sutcliffe‘s birthday.

The Scottish musician and painter Stuart Sutcliffe was the original bassist of The Beatles until the time he left the band to pursue his painting career. He and John Lennon came up with the name ‘Beetles‘ at first and the band used this name for a while. Later, John decided to change the name to ‘The Beatles.’

While he was living in Hamburg with his fiancee Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart started to suffer from severe headaches, yet the cause was never found. Later in 1962, he collapsed and passed away in the ambulance while riding to the hospital. The cause of death was announced as cerebral hemorrhage, more particularly a ruptured aneurysm. Stuart was only 21 years old.

Recently on Instagram, The Beatles legend Paul McCartney posted a picture of the band while Stuart was still playing with them. He wrote a note to celebrate the birthday of the late musician, which was on June 23, 1940. Paul also mentioned that Stuart would be 80 years old now if he was alive.

Here’s what Paul McCartney wrote on the caption of his Instagram post:

Our original bass player Stuart would have been 80 today! So many great memories of our time together. Happy birthday Stu! Love Paul

See the photo Paul McCartney posted on Instagram below.