Paul McCartney, the legend of The Beatles, has deplored by the death of John Lewis, who was the supreme figure of the civil rights movement, and has penned a letter on Instagram for him.

John Robert Lewis was renowned as the son of sharecroppers who survived the beating by the police during the 1965 march in Selma, Alabama. After the march, which was a landmark incident for the civil rights movement, Lewis worked as a US congressman and contributed to the actions taken for black lives’ rights in America.

Unfortunately, John Lewis died after a longtime battle with cancer at the age of 80. Named as the hero of the age, Lewis was commemorated by lots of politicians, artists, and activists. Paul McCartney, being one of these artists, expressed his condolences with an Instagram post. He mentioned that Lewis was such a great leader and a legend.

Here is what McCartney said on his post:

“Sad to hear the news that civil rights legend John Lewis died yesterday. He was such a great leader who fought with honesty and bravery for civil rights in America. Long may his memory remain in our hearts.

How about renaming the famous Pettus Bridge that he and Martin Luther King Jr. and others walked across in the 60s for the civil rights movement and rename it the John Lewis Bridge?!!!

Nancy and I are proud to support the NAACP and have recently donated to their legal defense fund.”

You can see Paul McCartney’s post below.