According to the recently released article of Eric Schall of Showbiz CheatSheet, Paul McCartney confessed that it was George that came up with the riff of ‘And I Love Her’ back in 1964.

As you might already watch the documentary that exposes the life portrait of the late Beatles legend George Harrison, it was a perfect Martin Scorsese work that flashes the unknown sides and the musical career of Harrison.

In the documentary, Martin Scorsese has made lots of interviews including his legendary bandmate, Paul McCartney. Paul has shared one of the little-known background memoirs about their relationship and exposed the true story of how George earned his respect.

As Paul McCartney admits that the riff of ‘And I Love Her‘ was the only thing that is absent and all of a sudden, George has managed to come up with a legendary riff that scraped to every single Beatles fans’ heart.

Here is the story in the mouth of Paul McCartney:

“It was the first ballad I impressed myself with. We’d go in the studio, 10 in the morning, and this was the first time George and Ringo had heard any of the songs. This is how good they were, On my song, ‘And I Love Her,’ I had ‘I give her all my love.

Now you think about that riff: THAT’s the song! You know, he made that up at the session. He nicked the chords and we just said, ‘It needs a riff.’ I didn’t write that!”

You can listen to the remastered version of ‘And I Love Her’ right below.

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