The Beatles legend Paul McCartney had a recent interview with Daily Mirror newspaper and said that he goes birdwatching between shows and it’s a wonderful way to chill out.

Here is what Sir Paul McCartney said:

“I’ve always liked birds. It’s a theme of mine. I think they’re symbolic of freedom, of flying away. As a kid, I was a keen ornithologist and had a little pocket book, the Observer’s Book Of Birds.

It was a wonderful way to chill out. I lived on the outskirts of Liverpool and could walk just a mile to be in quite deep countryside.

I don’t shoot or catch them like a lot of people. They’re not supposed to be good for other songbirds and a lot of keen gardeners don’t like them, but I do.

I’ve got lots. To me, it’s double joy or triple joy. I’m very inspired on a spring morning if I see a crowd of eight.”

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Yesterday, The Beatles legend Paul McCartney wrote a recent tweet about his long-time friend Shelley Lazar, who died on Sunday from cancer, and wrote:

“Fond fun memories of our lovely MF Ticket Queen, Shelley x #MFTQ #ShelleyLazar #rip“

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