The Beatles legend Paul McCartney was recently interviewed by Chris Heath of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine and revealed an untold story about his childhood.

Here is that part from the article:

McCartney’s father was the kind of parent who had impressed upon his son the need to buckle down and get a job.

At school, McCartney says, he was advised to think about going into teaching. That didn’t feel so great to him. He had a different fantasy, but one that in its own way shows a kind of eccentric pragmatism at work.

The young Paul McCartney imagined himself as a long-distance truck driver—in particular as a truck driver fueled by a deep Catholic faith, a faith far stronger than the real McCartney had.

“Just driving forever, going on these long journeys, full of faith in God and the world,” he says, remembering how he had felt back then. “To me, that would be quite good.”

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