The co-lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles, Paul McCartney has talked about how the legendary band was formed up and revealed that The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards complained to him about the lack of his own band.

McCartney has given an interview to the GQ magazine and went through the whole past of The Beatles, from how the members of the band met to their timeless and massive impact on the music industry. He said that they were kind of like an art band as opposed to the mainstream bands and they always focused on merging their music with a literary side.

While Paul shared the story of a meeting with John Lennon in the school years through a friend of him whose name is Ivan, he also revealed a fact about Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones. He said that he remembers the words of people about The Beatles.

Paul amplified the complaint Keith Richards made to him about the fact that The Beatles has four singers and The Rolling Stones has only one. McCartney admitted that these types of little things set him off.

Here is what Paul McCartney said during the interview:

“Do I ever! Like, always. Just give me a drink and sit me down and ask me questions. I tell you, I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘My God, what about that?’ The Beatles. I mean, come on, there are so many things. Obviously a lot of other people say things [too].

I remember Keith Richards saying to me, ‘You had four singers. We only had one!‘ Little things like that will set me off and I think, ‘Wow.’ That is pretty uncanny. And writers. Not just singers, but writers.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.