The Beatles star and also the co-founder of the band, Paul McCartney, has made a recent interview with his own website and answered the fans’ questions about his recently released album, ‘McCartney III.’

You may already remember, The Beatles legend Paul McCartney has released his 18th solo album named ‘McCartney III’ back in December and surprised his fanbase by releasing it just a week after announcing it.

The standard edition of the album had 11 tracks, including 4 extra songs for Japanese and Deluxe Digital editions. ‘McCartney III’ received various critical acclaims from the industry and right now, it has an average score of 81/100 in Metacritic.

This week, Paul McCartney has made a question & answer session on his official website and answered if ‘McCartney III’ has always been in the works as a mythical album that could be real someday or it has happened all of a sudden during the self-quarantine process. According to Paul, he had no plan to make ‘McCartney III’ before the lockdown.

Here is what Paul McCartney stated about the recording of his latest album:

“No, I didn’t plan to have an album and ‘McCartney III’ happened purely by chance! In a lockdown, I was able to go into my studio and complete some tracks that I had previously not had time to finish.

I realized when I finished that I had played all the instruments on this album, so it became ‘McCartney III.'”

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