During a recent conversation with Jimmy Fallon, the co-lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, revealed that even though he did release his 18th solo album just some hours ago, he definitely didn’t know he would be making one this year.

Paul McCartney is one of the world’s most famous rockstars and he still enjoys creating music and touring even though he is 78 years old. As you probably know Paul McCartney was expected to release his surprise 18th solo album ‘McCartney III’ on December 11, but the release day was later postponed to December 18, 2020.

Paul McCartney released his highly anticipated album McCartney III just some hours ago, and it quickly met with widespread critical acclaim. On the night of the release, Paul McCartney was invited to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show where he talked about the process of creating this album.

Jimmy Fallon told McCartney that his fans were not expecting an album this year to which McCartney responded by saying that he didn’t expect to make one either. He said that everything started when a friend of his who had done an animated short film asked McCartney to play the music in it.

This seems to have given McCartney the go-ahead as he said that he hasn’t stopped ever since. McCartney said that he enjoyed creating music while in self-quarantine and even though he started working on some songs for fun, he ended up making 11 songs and then thought that this could be his next album.

During this interesting conversation, Jimmy Fallon played a song from McCartney III, ‘Winter Bird / When Winter Comes,’ during which McCartney’s fans enjoyed watching him and Jimmy Fallon dance to this amazing tune. It turns out that the saying ‘the best things happen unexpectedly’ is actually true.

Here’s what Jimmy Fallon said at the beginning of their conversation:

“We didn’t know that we were getting an album from you this year and from what I understand, you really didn’t know it either.”

To which Paul McCartney responded:

“I didn’t know. I just was in lockdown and I had some time on my hands and so I started finishing up its songs and stuff, thinking ‘this is just for my own fun’ and then suddenly, I had like about 11 of them, and then it was like ‘oh, this would probably be an album.’

But the fact that I hadn’t even considered I was doing it, I think made it better, made it more fun.”

Then Jimmy Fallon said:

“Yeah. Between you and Taylor Swift, everyone feels like ‘okay, we didn’t do enough this year.’ They wrote awesome albums. I think, did it start with the first one ‘Long Tailed Winter Bird?’

To which McCartney said:

“Yeah. What happened was, I was suddenly in lockdown but I’d started a project with a friend of mine who had done an animated short film and that was for one of the songs that are on the album now called ‘When Winter Comes.’ So, he rang me up, and he said, ‘Could you do a little bit for the titles, and a little bit for the end credits, and a little bit of instrumental?’

So, I said, ‘yeah’ and so I went into the studio and did those little bits. But that was like, that took about half-hour. So quick little things. So I kept going and that’s why [laughs] I just kept going.”

To which Jimmy Fallon said:

“Yeah, you just kept playing. But I mean, you hear this and you go like ‘Oh, yeah, this is exactly what…’ [music starts] [Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon dance]
I mean that right there sticks in my head and if I had thought that I would have just kept jamming on that for an hour.”

To which McCartney laughingly responded:

“I think I did about four minutes [both laugh].”

You can check out the tweet that The Tonight Show posted about Paul McCartney and watch the full interview below.