The Beatles co-founder Paul McCartney has posted a new tweet on his official Twitter page today and shared the link of his monthly ‘Question & Answer’ session named ‘You Gave Me The Answer.’

As you may already know, Paul McCartney’s crew gathering Paul fans’ questions via his social media accounts and also the official website to have a monthly conversation with Paul himself. This month, Paul and his crew talked about how Paul McCartney stays positive and if music can heal people.

In the interview, Amelia from wanted to know if Paul has any advice or insight while it’s so hard to find positivity in our lives while everything in the world right now seems so dire. Paul shared the formula of being optimistic while telling an untold story of how listening to Elvis cured his headache.

Here is what Paul McCartney said:

“I’ve always been an optimistic person because I don’t like the alternative! I find that even when you go through a crisis after crisis, you still come out the other end, and no matter how bad you’re feeling it can often work out OK.

Something I’ve learned is that life’s good, really, but we often screw it up. So I try to tell myself and other people that if we can just work on not screwing it up, it’s going to be better for us and everyone else. I always try and see the good side – the silver lining – and if you’re lucky, it arrives.”

He continued:

“I think music is a great healer. I think that you can be feeling terrible, then put on a piece of music you like and get swallowed up by it. You can go in into the mood of the music and it’s a magical thing.

I remember once, again when I was a kid, I was hanging out with my mate from school and I had a headache, and we put on an Elvis record – ‘All Shook Up’ – and at the end of the record I didn’t have the headache! So, I’ve always believed in that power.”

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