The Beatles star and also the co-founding member of the band, Paul McCartney, has made a new question & answer session on his official web site named and revealed some unknown truths about his recently released album ‘McCartney III.’

Last month, Paul has released his trilogy-completing album ‘McCartney III’ via all the streaming platforms and YouTube. The album features eleven new songs, which was also Paul’s first album since his 17th studio album ‘Egypt Station’ back in 2018. ‘McCartney III’ has also four extra songs for the Deluxe and Japanese editions.

Recently, Paul McCartney took his official website to answer some of the questions of his fan base. A McCartney fan has asked what’s his favorite song on the three McCartney albums and why. Since it’s too difficult to choose, Paul named three different songs from the whole McCartney series.

Here is what Paul McCartney said about his favorite song:

“It is always difficult to pick favorites, but I’ll say ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ off McCartney, ‘Waterfalls’ off McCartney II, and ‘Deep Deep Feeling’ off McCartney III.”

In the same question & answer session, Paul also was asked if he had any other musicians like Taylor Swift in his mind when writing the songs. As the die-hard McCartney fans know, Paul himself had Swift’s fans in mind when he was writing ‘Who Cares.’

He responded by revealing yet another unknown truth about the album:

“With certain songs like ‘Find My Way,’ I imagined people going through difficulties during Covid and tried to help by giving what I think was good advice in the song. And with the love songs, I think of Nancy.”

Click here for the source and listen to ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ right below.