The Beatles‘ legendary musician Paul McCartney talked about his favorite memories including John Lennon in an interview for ‘You Gave Me the Answer’ section of his official website.

In the interview, The Beatles icon Paul McCartney answered some questions about his unforgettable memories that took place in different recording studios. Paul stated most of his favorite moments happened in his own studio in Sussex and Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

When the interviewer asked him to share some memorable stories from these recording studios, Paul mentioned one of his favorite ones in his studio in Sussex. The surviving band members, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney recorded the song called ‘Free as a Bird‘ 15 years later after John’s murder. The song was originally written and recorded as a home demo by John Lennon.

During the recording of the song, they used John Lennon’s vocal taken from an old cassette. Paul stated in the interview that this was a touching moment for all the surviving Beatles members.

Here’s how Paul McCartney explained one of his favorite recording memories:

“Recording the Beatles track ‘Free As A Bird’ at my studio in Sussex. Because it was so remote, nobody knew that George, Ringo, or myself had got together. So, it was very cool and it was very private. Those were fabulous sessions.

‘Free As A Bird’ was made with John’s vocal taken from his old cassette demo, and then the three of us played live along with it. It was really exciting because having him in our ears and playing along with him felt like he was really there, just in another studio. That was a really lovely memory.”

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