During a recent conversation with Paul McCartney‘s webpage’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ Q&A of the year, McCartney talked about his 18th solo album and its creation process while giving details about how it felt makingMcCartney III‘ all on his own.

Paul McCartney is known for his success and long-time career as a rockstar and he still enjoys creating music and putting on amazing performances even though he is 78 years old. As you probably know Paul McCartney his 18th solo album ‘McCartney III’ was expected to be released on December 11, but the release day was later postponed to December 18, 2020.

Paul McCartney released his highly anticipated album ‘McCartney III’ just some weeks ago but it has already achieved critical acclaim and enjoyed by millions. In a recent Q&A session with his own webpage, Paul McCartney talked about the making of his new album and revealed that he enjoyed working on his own.

He said that he didn’t plan to release an album this year but that he had some time in lockdown and started working on his music. McCartney also said that he enjoyed working on his own as he ‘had the freedom to do anything I wanted.’ The album can definitely be described as experimental and unique which is something that he said was a consequence of having the chance to work alone.

Here’s what Paul McCartney said about his unexpected album and how it felt creating an album on his own:

“I didn’t plan to have an album and McCartney III happened purely by chance! In the lockdown, I was able to go into my studio and complete some tracks that I had previously not had time to finish. I realized when I finished that I had played all the instruments on this album, so it became ‘McCartney III.’

With this album, I had the freedom to do anything I wanted. I could be experimental or lyrical, and I had a lot of fun. It’s a great way to create.”

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