KISS icon Paul Stanley shared his reaction to the new cover of Bumblefoot, who is the American guitarist of Sons Of Apollo, by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and showed how good this song is.

Back in the days, the Asia band was considered one of the best rock bands in the world and one of the first supergroups in history. Also, they released a song named ‘Only Time Will Tell’ in 1982 that people are still listening to today.

Bumblefoot made a new cover of this iconic song and released it on his official Youtube account. Later on, Paul Stanley listened to this cover and liked it so much that he shared the video on Twitter while praising Bumblefoot’s musical skills.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“I really think this is terrific Bumblefoot.”

Bumblefoot replied:

“Thank you so much, Paul!”

You can check out the post and the songs below.