KISS icons Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons said farewell to Ken Kelly on their official Twitter accounts, the artist who created the band’s album covers and passed away in the previous days.

Ken Kelly, who devoted more than half of his life to the arts, passed away on June 3, 2022, because of heart disease at the age of 76. He was focused on painting the subgenres like sword and sorcery and heroic fantasy. Kelly was known for his creations for magazine covers.

Besides illustrating fictional characters, he also created paintings for musicians from the rock scene, such as Manowar, Ace Frehley, and Rainbow. KISS was also among these names from the rock act he created for their album covers. Kelly illustrated ‘Destroyer‘ and ‘Love Gun‘ albums’ covers.

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons bid farewell to Ken Kelly in their recent tweets. Stanley commemorated Kelly by stating that he depicted KISS successfully with his imagination. On the other hand, Simmons mentioned that he had just learned that Kelly had passed away and shared his sadness. The bassist said farewell to Kelly by indicating he was a very kind and adored person.

Paul Stanley wrote:

“A moment to remember the great Ken Kelly. His fantasy art captured the larger-than-life image of KISS perfectly. Rest In Peace.”

Gene Simmons also expressed his sadness over Kelly’s death:

“Sad to find out Ken Kelly, who painted our Destroyer album cover, passed away. A kind and beloved gentleman. Rest In Peace.”

You can see the tweets below.