KISS’ Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons recently posted tweets to bid farewell to ‘Big’ John Harte, the legendary bodyguard of KISS.

‘Big’ John Harte worked with KISS in the 1970s as their bodyguard. He got the nickname ‘big’ due to his physical attributes. Although he wanted to be a musician, Harte ended up working as a bodyguard for bands like KISS, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Prince, and more.

In late 1975, Harte was offered to work with KISS, and he spent the next eight years working for the band. In 1983, he left to work with Iron Maiden due to KISS’ management’s refusal to pay him a retainer. After working with musicians for many years, Harte retired from the road following the 2003 KISS/Aerosmith tour.

After his retirement decision, Harte remained on good terms with KISS members. He was a guest on the 2017 KISS Kruise, and he began working on the autography ‘Untold Stories From KISS & Iron Maiden’ in the following year. Sadly, on February 11, 2022, Harte passed away at the age of 70. His book will be released posthumously in 2023.

Following the sad news, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons took their Twitter accounts to pay tribute to their workfellow. Stanley stated Harte has always been a family member and a legend in KISSWorld. On the other hand, Gene Simmons stated he was a wonderful man and expressed his condolences to Harte’s family.

In his tweet, Paul Stanley said about ‘Big’ John Harte the following:

“How very sad. ‘Big John’ Harte was with us from the beginning and has always been family. He fought valiantly and relentlessly against cancer and I was thankful to be able to cheer him on. He remains a legend in KISSWorld. My condolences to MaryAnne and Brian.”

Gene Simmons’ tweet read:

“Rest In Peace, John Harte. A wonderful man. He was our security guy in the ’70s. Our prayers and condolences to his family.”

You can check out the tweets below.