The rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley responded to the news of a ‘no-masker‘ pastor who was put in ICU and urged his fans to wear their masks no matter what.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a disagreement among many people regarding the issue of wearing masks. Even though the authorities strongly recommend people to wear masks in public, there are still many people who think this is actually a ‘fear propaganda‘ by the governments.

As you might know, KISS icon Paul Stanley has been showing his support for the necessary measurements taken by the officials. Stanley often criticizes those people who refuse to wear masks and warns his fans to be careful about taking the necessary precautions considering all the hard work of hospital workers and not to mention the health of their loved ones.

Recently on Twitter, Paul Stanley reacted to the news of an Idaho pastor who refused to wear a mask during the service was in the ICU due to Covid-19. In his tweet, Paul mentioned that he was having a hard time understanding the mindset of these people since it was confusing how they ended up in ICU if the virus was not real as they claimed.

Furthermore, Stanley had another suggestion for the anti-maskers who didn’t want to be forced to wear masks by the government since it was a violation of freedom. He stated that if they didn’t want to be controlled by the government, they could also drive through a red light.

Here’s how Paul Stanley emphasized the importance of wearing masks in public:

“You figure this one out. I can’t. A hoax and non-existent virus has put this guy in the ICU. If you’re so concerned with a loss of your freedom, Why do you stop at red lights? Don’t let the government control you!! Drive right through!!! Put your mask on.”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his official Twitter account below.