KISS’ iconic guitarist Paul Stanley celebrated the 60th birthday of the lead guitarist of the band, Tommy Thayer, by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

While celebrating this special day of Tommy, Paul didn’t forget to mention how a great man he is. He stated that Tommy is such a gentle and good man and said that this world needs more people like him.

Furthermore, Paul also touched upon the fact that Tommy has been playing with the band for eighteen years and pointed out that this also means a lot for him while praising his talent as well as his character.

In this way, Paul showed his respect for his long-time bandmate and proved once again that they are so close friends like a family. Additionally, Paul revealed to the world how a great person Tommy is once again and earned the respect of the fans.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“A late but heartfelt, happy birthday Tommy! 18 years in KISS says a whole lot but let me say on top of that you’re a gentleman and a good man which this world always needs more of. Your pal, Paul.”

You can read the tweet below.