KISS guitarist Paul Stanley spoke in a recent interview with Forbes and talked about KISS’s new year show as well as revealing if the band will continue to play on stage in 2021.

Last year, most of the music followers suffered from the coronavirus outbreak because all of the events were canceled due to the lockdown rules. The iconic rock band KISS’ ‘End Of The Road’ farewell tour is also postponed.

In a recent conversation, the interviewer asked if KISS is planning to do more concerts in 2021, and Paul Stanley mentioned that they have lots of energy to resume this year. In this way, Paul officially confirmed that the ‘End Of The Road’ tour continues.

Furthermore, Stanley pointed out the benefits of playing on the stage in front of the crowd. He said that when they get together with the fans, it reminds them why they love each other so much.

Here is what Paul Stanley stated about KISS’ plans for the new year:

“Oh yeah, we did 120 and I know we have 120 to go. So we resume. It’s a big world and we’re in this fortunate position.

Most of the time when people lose something or someone they find themselves going, ‘If only I had known I would have done this, that or the other thing.’ With us we’re telling you that.

And that means when we get together with people it really is a great night of people having reaffirmed for them why they’ve loved us and why we’ve loved them and putting on the greatest show we’ve ever done. So, yes, the ‘End Of The Road’ picks up.

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