On Instagram, KISS‘ iconic frontman Paul Stanley posted his photo wearing a mask taken during the recording of his debut album from his band Soul Station and lashed out to the anti-maskers.

As you might remember, a few months ago, KISS vocalist Paul Stanley recorded a cover version of ‘Ooo Baby Baby’ from Smokey Robinson with his R&B band Soul Station. Stanley shared the video clip of their cover song on his personal website and as a description of his side-project, he wrote:

“These are challenging times. Long before I ever heard the great British bands, I grew up listening to Philly Soul, Motown and so much more. I was lucky to see Otis Redding and Solomon Burke among others. That music and its storytelling gave me strength and hope even in some tough days.

The great classics of that era are magical medicine for most and I felt myself drawn back to that era for some sorcery I think we could all use.  While it’s hard to connect physically, some of Soul Station decided to reach to make a virtual and emotional connection on a great Motown and Smokey Robinson classic, Ooo Baby Baby. Hope you enjoy it!”

Recently on Instagram, Paul Stanley shared his photo taken during the recording sessions of Soul Station’s debut album, which they had been working on for a while now. Apparently, they were putting some finishing touches on the album which might be released in the near future.

Additionally, on the caption of his post, Paul emphasized that they were all wearing masks and urged fans to be more careful about the issue considering all the hard work of hospital workers and not to mention the health of their loved ones.

According to his statement, Paul Stanley seemed to be pissed at those people who refuse to follow the measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. He implied that they were causing the problem which we all had to suffer.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated on the caption of his recent post:

Day 2 in the studio finishing up Soul Station album and yes, We’re All wearing masks. We do it for our families, children, hospital workers, first responders, and many more.

Tragic that for some there’s no pandemic until it hits their home. Now we suffer the consequences.

You can see the photo Paul Stanley posted on his official Instagram account below.