The rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley has reacted to the unexpected moment he saw himself on the live stream of CNN during a debate about the upcoming election in the US and dug the issue on Twitter.

The iconic musician and one of the most responsible social media figures, who has been trying to raise awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic by giving tips to stay healthy, and emphasizing the importance to vote, Paul Stanley has shown up on Twitter to question what he saw on TV along with his fans.

Stanley has responded to the tweet of Dave Kinchen, who captured the moment when a picture of Paul Stanley, taken on stage, appeared right before the CNN news commentator, Van Jones, while he was arguing Obama’s statement about Trump.

Paul Stanley expressed his confusion and surprise while he agreed with Kinchen that they both saw the exact segment on live. He mentioned Van Jones in his tweet and asked him who was that on the screen behind him.

After sharing the photo and being almost sure about he’s the one on the photo that stands on the cabinet, many of Paul Stanley fans were sure about that he’s not the one. The followers of Paul indicated that the photo belongs to Prince.

Here’s what Dave Kinchen, who captured the mysterious moment, said in his tweet:

Hey… Is that Paul Stanley of KISS behind Van Jones on CNN?? (Sorry for the awkward screenshot. Just saw the picture right before the network cut to the next segment).”

Paul Stanley has responded as:

I swear I saw that segment and thought the same thing! Van, who is that??”

You can see the tweets below.