KISS icon Paul Stanley took his official Twitter account to share a story about his casual day and wondered the fans about his behaviors for the last two days.

As you might remember, Paul having troubles with Donald Trump fans, and finally, he surprised everybody by using the f-word to a fan because we used to see him with his kind personality all the time.

Furthermore, Paul did not seem to be himself in the latest picture that he shared, and also, he mentioned the mistake that he did on Starbucks.

In the caption, Paul stated that he went to Starbucks to drink some coffee, but he forgot that he was wearing a mask. Because of that, he ruined his mask while trying to drink coffee.

Because of these pensive behaviors of Paul, the fans got worried about the mental status of Paul and wondered if these acts happened because of the psychological problems he faced during the five-month-long self-quarantine.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote:

“Ruined a mask today… Forgot it was on and tried to take a drink.”

A fan named Matt replied:

“You’re supposed to ‘Take It Off’ first.”

Another fan named Rick said:

“Thank you for wearing a mask-you have such a big influence on us! Love!”

You can check out the post below.