Photo Credit: Monsters of Rock 2015 - MROSSI

Speaking to Uncle Joe Benson from Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show, KISS frontman Paul Stanley talked about why he loves KISS as a fan.

He said that ‘what I love about Kiss is that we don’t portray ourselves to be what we’re not’. Here’s the statement:

“I love Kiss. Not only because I’m in the band, but I love Kiss as a fan. When I’m onstage, does it look like I’m having the time of my life? I am! I get so off on entertaining myself, seeing what I can do to get a rise out of myself, looking across and seeing the other guys. It’s great.

What I also love about Kiss is that we don’t portray ourselves to be what we’re not. We are entertainers. It doesn’t negate being in a rock band. And we wear outfits, uniforms, costumes – call it what you will – but is that any different than the guy who goes on stage with a pair of $300 ripped jeans? That’s a costume, too. The only difference is we’re copping to it.”

Click here to source of the statement via Ultimate Classic Rock.

A week ago, he shared a video message on Youtube and said:

“Okay, so I’m standing here on the new ‘End Of The Road’ KISS stage, and all I can tell you is it’s freakin’ phenomenal. Is it anything like anything we’ve done? No. This is brand new from the ground up.

I’ve gotta tell you. People say is this bittersweet? No. If the tour is anything like this stage, it’s totally sweet. We always try to raise the bar — that’s just for us — but when other bands would see us, they would feel they had to up their game.

Let me tell you something: everybody better start working out, because we’re upping the game that much more. This is absolutely mind-bogglingly good. It’s totally KISS. And I’ll be looking for you on the ‘End Of The Road’ tour.”