KISS’ rhythm guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley opened up about the idea of being replaced by a new member and apparently, he would find it flattering as he stated during a recent interview.

As many of you may know, most fans consider a band over after their original members are replaced by a new coming member. All bands are often built upon their original members and remembered by their legacy over the years therefore once a member is altered, the bands usually come to an end according to fans.

Just like every other band, KISS’ line-up inevitably has gone through many changes. Their current line-up consists of two founding members Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons in addition to guitarist Tommy Tayer and drummer Eric Singer which are replacements for the original members, the lead guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss.

During a recent interview with Scott Lipps, Paul Stanley opened up about the line-up changes every band goes through. Apparently, Stanley thinks that what makes KISS the band they are today is so much more than only band members and line-up. He revealed that if the core of KISS stays the same the band can continue without any original members.

Here is what Stanley stated about the most important thing about KISS:

 “Unlike other bands, that rubs some people the wrong way, but KISS is so much more than a band. Look, you go see any act now — any band, any performer — and you’re seeing a KISS show, you’re seeing the KISS DNA, because everything that anybody does is, in some way, based on what we’ve done.

And I’ve always believed that the band is bigger than the individuals. People would say, in the beginning, ‘Oh, that’s not true.’ Well, they’re half wrong now, because Eric’s been in and out of the band for over 20 years, and Tommy’s been in the band probably 18 now, and the band’s never been better.”

Paul Stanley also revealed his opinions about the idea of being replaced by a new band member. Seemingly, he finds it possible and also flattering since KISS will continue as a live act even after him for the fans.

Here is what Paul Stanley said about the possibility of being replaced in the future:

“So my feeling is… Is there someone who can take my place? I think I’m really damn good, but I also know that there are people out there who are as committed to what they do as I’ve been and should be able to do what I do without copying it. So do I think it’s possible? Yeah.

I actually would consider it beyond flattering — I would consider it a real feather in the cap if KISS could continue as a viable live act, because it’s ultimately about what we deliver and about our philosophy of giving fans a hundred percent, not only on stage but in terms of this reciprocity that we have with them.”

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