KISS guitarist Paul Stanley spoke in a recent interview with Extra TV and revealed his thoughts about the upcoming show of the legendary rock band for new year’s eve.

Recently, KISS announced that they will give a huge concert for the fans which will take place in Dubai on the last day of 2020 that features over 50 cameras and 360 degrees views. Also, the show will be streaming live on the internet.

In the conversation he joined, Paul Stanley pointed out that time is affecting everyone including themselves and they realized that they can’t be who they are forever. Because of that, they wanted to make a huge show for the end of their ‘End Of The Road’ tour.

While mentioning that they are now in the best shape they have ever been in, Paul also said that this will be the best show they have ever done in their career and excited the whole community with that statement.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“We are in the midst of the ‘End Of The Road Tour.’ We realize that we can’t be who we are forever, and that time impacts everybody. You can play ‘beat the clock’; ultimately, the clock wins.

And while we’re at our best, and the reviews and the fans will speak louder than I will, that this is really the greatest show we’ve ever done. And proudly we can go out there and have a victory celebration. It’s kind of like that victory lap where you run around with your hands up.”

Stanley continued:

“We’re much more fortunate than some because when things see their demise or when people are gone, we find ourselves saying, ‘Gee, if I had only known, I would have done something different.’

And in this case, we’re saying, ‘This is it.’ So we really get a tremendous sense of intimacy from a large crowd, and we all get to touch base with something that’s meant so much to us and so much to them. So it’s very reciprocal. The word would be reciprocity.”

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