KISS’ well-known musician and long-time frontman, Paul Stanley have broken his silence today with a new tweet on his verified and official Twitter account.

A few days ago, KISS had announced that they had to cancel some of their concerts due to Paul Stanley’s terrible sickness. Paul hadn’t written and said anything for a few days, but today he started to share something on social media.

Today, Paul Stanley has posted a new tweet and wanted photos from his fans when they were with partners. All fans responded to this request with many photos.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I Was Blown Away By Your Photos! SEND ME A PHOTO OF YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, BESTIE, HUSBAND, WIFE… The One You Love! I Want To See Them ALL!!!.”

A fan named Elaine Maffeo commented:

Paul, it is truly a gift to find your life’s partner in crime..married over 20 years and have a rare opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve together rather than Hubby playing with his band.

@BlueMovieMusic. It’s amazing how life can be complemented with the right person! Happy A!”

Another fan named Sarah Howerton said:

“My fiancé surprised me with tickets this year on Valentine’s Day! He’s been a radio guy for 30 years I was in shock he had never been to a KISS concert.

(I have a KISS room in my house) I have seen you guys over 15 times. Let’s just say he was blown away at the show!”

You can see the tweet and fans’ comments right below.