The iconic frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley, shared a tweet with the fans starting a challenge that one had to mashup a band’s name with a movie, and you will see how the responses were humorous.

During the days of self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many musicians and celebrities found different ways to stay connected with their fans via social media platforms.

On Twitter, KISS’s legendary vocalist Paul Stanley started a challenge with his followers that they had to mashup a musician’s name with a movie or Broadway show. Paul’s tweet received many responses from fellow musicians and his fans on Twitter which were all hilarious. The first response for the challenge was of course Paul’s: ‘My Fair Lady Gaga.’

Here’s the challenge Paul Stanley started and his own response to it:

“Mashup a band or performer’s name with a movie or Broadway Show and also give backstory. A man bets he can transform a lower class woman into a superstar. My Fair Lady Gaga.”

We have compiled some of the replies to Paul’s Twitter challenge below.

A fan named John wrote:

“Heavy metal legends join with Tommy Lee Jones in a secret government agency responsible for tracking alien life on Earth in the effects-laden comedy Men in Black Sabbath.”

Another fan named Marcel Gomes commented:

“A band goes to Savannah to find inspiration for a new album and gets entangled in a murder mystery stranger than even they are. Midnight In The Soundgarden Of Good And Evil.”

A Twitter follower named Mon Roe also replied:

“Silence of the Lamb of God”

You can see the tweet shared by Paul Stanley on his official Twitter account below.