KISS’ iconic frontman Paul Stanley joined a Twitter challenge where you have to change one letter of a famous musical to ruin the name and Stanley was there with full steam.

Twitter has been busy with crazy challenges like all social media platforms since the beginning of social isolation due to the global coronavirus crisis. As a fan of social media and nicely done jokes, Paul Stanley also joined a challenge recently via his official Twitter account.

Paul participated in the challenge changing one letter in the names of famous musicals and wrote:

“Sweeney Toad, Scarlight Express, Ricky, Wicker, Sundaes In The Park With George”

Sweeney Todd, which is a story adapted by a Hugh Wheeler book, has been performed many times in Broadway and it has a film adaptation starring Johnny Depp. Considering his participation in the challenge with ‘Sweeney Toad’, Paul seems like mocking Hollywood Vampires icon Johnny Depp in an indirect way.

Paul’s Twitter followers also enjoyed his tweet and joined him for the challenge:

A Twitter follower named Robi wrote:

“Paul is on a roll. We love ya Paul Stanley and your most awesome band Diss”

Another fan named Mike also joined the challenge:

“If you want the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world…PISS!!! Sorry Paul and KISS. Love you guys!”

A follower named Laura wrote:

“Paul, you’re having so much fun with this, please continue, speaking just for myself, thank you! It does make the time go by!”

You can see the tweet from Paul Stanley on his official Twitter page below.