KISS icon Paul Stanley recently took his Twitter to express his thoughts on long-time bandmate and friend Gene Simmons, stating they are where they are now thanks to him.

Since KISS’ formation in 1973, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have been together making music, writing songs, and performing on stage. They remained the only consistent members of the band and have contributed to KISS’ career with their musical talents and leadership.

Stanley and Simmons started working together in the early 1970s in an NYC-based rock band, Wicked Lester. After recording one album and playing several live shows, they abandoned this band in 1972 and began forming KISS. Since then, the two have been like two peas in a pod.

Recently, on August 25, Gene Simmons celebrated his 73rd birthday. Although KISS is now on their farewell tour, Simmons is still eager to rock the stage until their final show. To celebrate his long-time friend’s birthday, Paul Stanley shared a nostalgic photo of him and Simmons in a tweet and expressed his sincere feelings about the musician.

In his tweet, Paul Stanley said he sees Simmons as a brother and highlighted that they had been friends for a long time. Stanley then showed his gratitude for the musician’s contributions to KISS and said they couldn’t achieve the things they did without Simmons.

Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“Happy birthday, Gene! You are my brother, and time tells all. None of this could’ve happened without you. Enjoy this day, and know that you are loved by many, including me!”

You can see Paul Stanley’s tweet below.