KISS co-founder and bass guitarist, Paul Stanley, posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed his thoughts about Donald Trump who claims the presidential election of 2020 was a fraud.

As you might remember, Joe Biden and Donald Trump were the two prime candidates for the 46th presidential election, and Biden declared victory at the end. However, Trump and his devoted supporters didn’t accept the results and claimed that the presidential election of 2020 should be invalid since there was massive voter fraud.

Recently, Paul Stanley posted a tweet reacting to the news about Donald Trump’s reaction to the so-called fraud in the presidential election. In his statement, Trump claimed that he and all his supporters were actually robbed even though he did everything he supposed to do in the best way possible.

In his response to the post, Paul Stanley stated that these were the lies that divide people in the United States. He also emphasized the fact that there was not a single credible source of evidence related to the claims of Trump and that is why none of the courts would hear this case.

Additionally, Stanley pointed out that all of these lies and controversies are created to make people doubt the core of American democracy. KISS icon stated that this is a really important problem for the future of the country.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote in his latest tweet:

“It’s lies like these that divide us. Not a single court including the supreme court will hear the case. Not a single credible source found evidence to validate this hoax.

All debunked & disproven yet they spread self-serving lies to cast doubt on the core of American Democracy.”

You can check out the post below.