KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley reposted the heartwarming video of late Van Halen frontman Eddie Van Halen while he was paying a visit to Jason Becker on his official Twitter page and praised Eddie for his kind act.

As you may recall, Jason Becker, one of the most inspirational guitarists of all time, shared a video on his official Youtube page two weeks ago with Eddie Van Halen. The video was taken back in 1996 when Eddie visited him at his house to show his support and also to shoot an ALS awareness video.

In the never-seen-before footage, Eddie gave Becker a gift of a guitar and demonstrated his affection and love for his dear friend. The video showed that the two seemed incredibly close and caring for each other in addition to showcasing the special bond between them which made fans extremely emotional.

Recently, KISS icon Paul Stanley shared this special video on his official Twitter page and expressed his emotions about Eddie Van Halen’s actions. Apparently, Stanley was moved by Eddie’s empathy and kindness as he stated that the world lost a real hero when Eddie Van Halen passed away.

Here is how Stanley paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen in his latest tweet:

Some just have this empathy, deep kindness & love to give. Humbling to see & a reminder of the real hero we lost. These sharings of spirit can lift someone else to a higher place. When we do something kind for others we can find giving is also a gift to us.”

As you remember, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away after his long battle with throat cancer nearly three months ago. His son, Wolfgang Van Halen was the one to announce the devastating news which crushed his fans and all the other musicians.

You can see the Twitter and Youtube posts below.