KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to the former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick‘s special video on his Youtube channel dedicated to the 35th anniversary of his first tour with KISS, ‘Asylum Tour.’

As you may know, Bruce Kulick joined KISS in 1984 as the lead guitarist, replacing Mark St. John, who left the band after being diagnosed with reactive arthritis. Kulick recorded five studio albums with KISS and he remained a member of the band until 1996.

Additionally, Kulick’s first album with KISS was ‘Asylum’ and his first ever tour with them was ‘Asylum Tour’ which consisted of 91 shows across North America.

For the sake of his first tour with KISS’ 35th anniversary, Bruce Kulick shared a video on his official Youtube channel revealing never seen before footage from the ‘Asylum Tour.’ He also opened up about his days with KISS in addition to the special aspects of the tour with yellow lightning bolt staircases on-stage, confetti storms, as well as bassist Gene Simmons’ shooting rockets out of his bass.

Here is what Kulick stated in the video:

“Everybody, it’s Bruce Kulick and I have another exciting anniversary to share with you from my KISS years. How about the start of the ‘Asylum Tour’ on November 29th, 1985. That’s 35 years ago, wow! I have so many memories from that tour but you gonna wanna stick around for some special footage that I wanna show you that’s never seen before.

The Asylum LP cover was very special, extremely colorful. Think of the clothing we wore, think of the giant KISS sign, it was huge but the lights changed colors, never before on a KISS stage.”

Furthermore, Bruce Kulick also praised his bandmates at the time, especially bassist Gene Simmons due to the help Kulick got from him at the beginning of his KISS career.

Here is what Kulick said about Simmons.

Gene worked really hard with me, showed me how to use the stage and my guitar playing to put on something memorable and it was something I was really proud of.”

Recently, Paul Stanley shared the video of his former bandmate Kulick in which he gathered fan footage from the tour on his official Twitter page. In his tweet, Stanley stated how much he liked the video Bruce shared and also mentioned the lineup of KISS during that particular tour.

Here is what Stanley said:

“Bruce posted this. He put live fan footage together with his soundboard tape. This is the Bruce, Eric Carr, me, and Gene lineup Killin’ It on The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again. Awesome job Bruce!

You can see the Twitter and Youtube posts below.