Paul Stanley from KISS was one of those people who couldn’t help but praise Metallica at the time of their ‘The Black Album’ anniversary. Stanley also stated in an interview with Classic Rock the things that made KISS members become Metallica fans.

Paul Stanley reached a long-lasting success after he formed KISS in 1973 and grabbed attention with their unusual stage makeup and costumes. Although the band has a unique way of being present on stage, Paul Stanley admitted that every member of the band loved and admired Metallica.

As you may know, Metallica’s most known and loved album with the same name of the band, also known as ‘The Black Album’ had its 30th anniversary on August 12. The band decided to release a remastered version of the album, which will come out on September 10, 2021. Paul Stanley stated that this album was the thing that made Metallica a worldwide phenomenon. He revealed that ‘The Black Album’ made KISS members became a fan of Metallica because of this album.

Here is what he fully stated:

How could you not be a Metallica fan? Eric Carr was the one that brought Metallica into our realm, and he did that quite a bit earlier, in the early days of Metallica. But in terms of becoming a worldwide phenomenon, I would have to say the Black Album was what did that. 

Enter Sandman, that song really flicked a switch, it changed something. It retained the grit, the passion, and the rawness of what they had done until that point, but it managed to package it in a way that had a more widespread appeal. It wasn’t a coincidence that Bob Rock produced that album. He became the go-to guy for bringing out the most commercial aspect of a band’s sound, whether we are talking Metallica or The Cult. 

But the most important thing when you are a band or a creative person is to do what you want. Kudos to Metallica for that. Where they’ve gone since the ‘Black Album,’ and factoring in their beginnings, is nothing less than amazing. Their appeal became massive, in capital letters, because it crossed boundaries. That’s always a great plus.”

Like many other legendary singers and bands, Stanley was also influenced by the revolution Metallica made by their 1991 album. They professionally switched from thrash metal to a more heavy and refined rock sound which you can tell in their hit songs ‘Enter Sandman,’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters.’