KISS frontman and co-founder, Paul Stanley, took his official and verified Twitter account today with a throwback photo and celebrated the anniversary of the day KISS was in front of 17.000 people in one of their first-ever shows in 1974.

You may already know that KISS is one of the most legendary bands of all time which was formed in New York back in 1973. The band was co-founded by Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, and Paul himself. The self-titled debut album of the band was released a year after they were formed, and the album was certified gold after having shipped 500K copies.

After KISS had great success with their debut album, their first-ever tour was started in February 1974. In his latest Twitter post, the band’s lead singer recalls one of their first-ever concerts that was made in St. Louis. According to Paul, there were 17.000 people went to watch the face-painted rockers as an opening act in an organization that was made by KSHE Radio in 1974.

Here is what Paul wrote on his latest tweet:

“Forty-seven years ago, we sat on the floor of a windowless van, getting thrown around while we made our way to a makeshift stage in the middle of a St. Louis park.

When we got out, there were 17000 people and we were on FIRE. KSHE Radio 1974.”

You can check out the throwback photo and the tweet below.