KISS frontman and co-founder, Paul Stanley, recalled the time when The Beatles made their first-ever show via his official Twitter account.

In the tweet, Paul shared a picture from a party where it was almost empty, and he mentioned that it was taken when The Beatles made their first-ever show in London, England.

Back in the days, The Beatles traveled from Liverpool to London, which is a nine-hour journey, just to play rock and roll. However, there were only eighteen people that showed up for their show.

By sharing this picture, Paul wanted to give hope to the young generation and showed how they can be a great band from the scratches as The Beatles did back in the days.

Paul pointed out that you have to start from somewhere in order to become a big and successful band in the future, and he showed the path for the newcomers with this message.

Paul Stanley wrote:

“Recognize the band? It’s The Beatles. To get anywhere you have to start somewhere! Yes… You can.”

You can check out the post below.