KISS frontman and also one of the co-founders of the members, Paul Stanley, has taken his verified Twitter account today and thanked his followers who praised his skills as a cook with sharing the recipe of his latest soup he’s made which he shared the photo of it earlier.

While he’s always being a talented guitarist, Paul Stanley is interested in many things like biking, sports, politics, and of course, cooking. Nowadays, Paul himself sending photos of the things he prepared to eat and fans praised him by saying he’s a chef already.

Today, he shared a recent tweet on his official page and admitted that as well as he’s keen on making stuff in the kitchen, he’s just a cook, not a chef. He also shared the recipe of ‘Lasagna Soup’ he has shared recently.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote first:

“Made Lasagna Soup for dinner. Great on a cold night!”

Later on, he posted yet another tweet:

“OKAY!!! Here’s how I made the soup. FIRST, Let me say I am a COOK, not a CHEF. Chefs have the experience, training, and mad skills but I play guitar better than any that I know!”

You can check out these tweets below.