Photo Credit: Monsters of Rock 2015 - MROSSI

KISS co-founder and the current fronting member of the band, Paul Stanley, was recently interviewed by Sioux City Journal, and he revealed what would happen if he or Gene quit from the band.

In the conversation, Paul Stanley has made some stunning statements about the farewell tour of KISS and revealed his opinion about the future of the band.

Here’s the statement of Paul:

“There was a time when people said, ‘KISS has to be the original four members.’ Well, those people are 50 percent wrong. And all of this is conjecture.

I’m not walking away from what Gene and I have built over 45 years. I’m of the mindset that teams don’t fold because their star pitcher or star hitter is gone.

There’s an amazing pool of talent out there. Can it continue? Absolutely.”

Let’s go to four years ago, Paul Stanley had spoken about how he would go about finding someone to replace him in KISS.

He had said this:

 “Honestly, I think all the KISS tribute bands are great, but none of them have a good ‘Paul.’ So I’d like to see somebody who incorporates what I’ve done with a lot of the things that inspired me.

And it’s not a matter of a puppet being me; it’s somebody who comes in and contributes and adds something new to it while still following the template that’s been set.”

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