During the recent question and answer session on Facebook, KISS frontman Paul Stanley answered questions from the fans. He revealed the most important KISS show for him.

A fan asked ‘If you go back in time to one spesific KISS concert, what would it be and why?’, and Paul Stanley responded:

“That’s a tough one because we’re talking about over 2000 shows. So there’s a lot of them that are memorable for different reason. So, I can’t really say one in particular the first the we played the Garden, which will be doing on “The End of the Road”, also we’re going back to the Garden.

Madison Square Garden is hallowed ground. So to go back there is amazing for us because that’s one of the highligts was the first time we played the Garden because it wasn’t too many years before we played that I was a cab driver and I dropped people off at Madison Square Garden to see Elvis Presley.”

Watch out the below for the first live performance of KISS at Madison Square Garden in 1977.

KISS has announced second leg of their farewell tour. Click here to dates.

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley. Ask him your questions below!

Gepostet von KISS am Donnerstag, 29. November 2018