During the one of the recent “Kiss Kruise” event, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has revealed the truth about the rumor that Eddie Van Halen nearly ended up in KISS.

Here’s the statement:

Eddie Van Halen did not almost join KISS. Eddie [came down to] the studio. I think there was some strife within the band [Van Halen] at that point, for him, and Eddie came down just to see what was going on.

And I remember he was really blown away by the solo in [the song] ‘Creatures [Of The Night]’. He said, ‘Get that guy.’ That guy who played the solo in ‘Creatures’ was a guy named Steve Farris, who was in a band called MISTER MISTER, who had a bunch of hits. But the guitar player was great.

And at that point, Eddie was getting into keyboards. And I remember he brought some tapes of some of the songs he was working on.

And it was, like, this guy is this unbelievable guitar player. [I thought], ‘Eddie, what are you doing on keyboards?’ But that was the start of ‘Jump’ and all that other stuff that came afterwards. But Eddie was never going to join KISS and was never almost in KISS.”

Back in 2014, KISS bassist Gene Simmons talked about this rumors and said:

That is true. And he was very serious. He was so unhappy about how he and (David Lee) Roth were – or weren’t – getting along. He couldn’t stand him.”

You can watch the fan-filmed video from below.