Paul Stanley, the iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, has explained his sincere thoughts about Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant while celebrating the 72nd birthday of the legend.

As you know, Stanley has been using social media to give daily updates about his life during the self-quarantine period. He has been sharing the pictures of the delicious-looking meals he prepared and the selfies of himself which were taken when he went for riding a bike.

A big fan of Led Zeppelin and admirer of the band’s musical genius, Paul Stanley has made a difference this time and took Twitter to celebrate a special day. Admitted during an interview years back that Led Zeppelin wrote the book of rock, Stanley didn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to the frontman of the iconic band, Robert Plant.

On his birthday wish, Paul said that seeing Plant on stage in 1969 set the bar at a height he didn’t know existed. He noted that lots of musicians tried to emulate and imitate Robert Plant. Stanley ended up his words by saying he extremely appreciates Plant continuing on his musical journey without boundaries for years now.

Here is what Paul Stanley said in his latest tweet:

“Happy Birthday Robert Plant! Seeing you on stage in 1969 set the bar at a height I didn’t know existed. Absolutely mind blowing. Many try to emulate. Many try to imitate. Kudos for your continuing on your musical journey without boundaries.”

You can see the tweet below.