KISS rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist Paul Stanley talked about his opinions of which band is better than the other, Led Zeppelin or KISS, and unveils that his choice would be Led Zeppelin considering their influence on his own music career.

As you may know, there has been a comparison between two legendary bands KISS and Led Zeppelin back in the ’70s, and still is today fans are taking sides whether KISS or Led Zeppelin is the best hard rock band of all time.

In an interview with Forbes, Paul Stanley once again talked about the very first time he saw Led Zeppelin and shared his opinions about the ongoing discussion regarding which band was better than the other.

During the interview, Stanley expressed his admiration for Led Zeppelin. He even stated that he has never seen anything that was that perfect while Stanley opened up about the first time when he saw Led Zeppelin playing.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated about the time he saw Led Zeppelin live:

“And of course I saw Zeppelin in ’69 and that was transformative. As I would put it that was god’s work. When you see a band that is so tied to each other and the synergy within the band and not only the music but the sexuality of the band.

Everything was so potent and so perfect that was a transformative moment for me. Probably more than any other was seeing Zeppelin live really when I believe they were at their peak.

And I think Zeppelin, for me, is the ultimate in a band that was pretty much capable of anything.”

Furthermore, when the interviewer asked what he thought about the comparison between KISS and Led Zeppelin, Stanley revealed that he would choose Led Zeppelin over his own band.

Here is how Stanley replied to one of the most wondered questions:

“And I of course would go Zeppelin.

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