KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons spoke in a recent interview with ‘Rolling Stone,’ talked about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and mentioned it forced KISS and many other artists to postpone or suspended their tour dates.

As we all know, coronavirus is a deadly disease that first appeared in Wuhan, China. Many major sports organizations, events, concerts, shows, and more around the world have been postponed or suspended. Also, People quarantined themselves to prevent this disease from spreading further.

While talking about the effects of the coronavirus disease, Paul Stanley has revealed what he’s doing during under self-quarantine for the first time.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated:

“I’m watching news updates, playing the guitar, tweaking Soul Station album mixes, checking in on friends, and trying to keep things as normal and fun for my family.”

Stanley also sent a message to his fans, wishing them to stay healthy and safe. In addition, he told them to stay at home and maintain social distancing. He stated:

“Be as safe as you can for your sake and the sake of everyone around you. This isn’t a time to be casual or make unqualified judgments. There’s far more to this than simply looking at recovery or mortality percentages. We’ll get through this.”

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