KISS guitarist and also the founder of the band, Paul Stanley, was recently interviewed by USA Today’s Patrick Ryan this week. The KISS frontman has talked about the possible upcoming project of the band as well as his side band named Soul Station‘s latest album which was released on March 19.

Soul Station’s debut album named ‘Now And Then‘ released on Friday and the album features five never-released-before tracks as well as a couple of Motown covers. Right after releasing the album, the band had made a ‘Listening Party’ yesterday and Paul is still promoting his album with ongoing interviews.

This week, Paul has talked to USA Today and revealed the most challenging thing about covering Motown songs. While admitting that he is not any band member of Motown, he stated that the thing he wanted was Soul Station to be rooted in the past.

In the same interview, Paul was asked whether have there been any talks with Gene about the new KISS tracks and if there is any plan to record something new soon.

Here is what he said:

“I don’t really see a reason for it, to be quite honest. For the most part, when classic bands put out new albums, they’re looked at and listened to and thrown away because they don’t have the gravitas, they don’t have the age that comes with something being a time capsule or being attached to a certain period of your life.

I’m not alone in that. When you see any classic bands on TV or if there’s a concert video, turn off the sound and I’ll tell you every time they’re playing a new song because the audience sits down.”

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