Paul Stanley, the founding member and rhythm guitarist of KISS, has made a highly significant warning to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as there are only a couple of days left to the Thanksgiving, which can be one of the most dangerous holidays this year due to the current condition of the world.

Undeniably praiseworthy and quite rightminded musician, Paul Stanley, has continued to draw the attention of his fans to the important issues and good causes on Twitter. As you may recall, Stanley has lately reached out to his followers on the platform to ask for their prayers.

The iconic guitarist and singer retweeted the call for the help of his follower who has a grandson battling against a ruthless tumor in his brain and had his first brain surgery in the previous days.

Recently, Stanley has pointed out another serious issue, yet, about a more general concern this time. Referring to the upcoming Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, Paul said that don’t make it a meal to die for.

Stanley has begun his warning by revealing that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday since no other means more than that dinner with the people he loves. However, he said that they won’t be doing it this year because he loves those people and they love Paul and his family.

The legend asked for his fans to show how much they care about their beloved ones, as well. He warned all of his followers to not put their or someone else’s life at risk for the sake of traditions this year.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in his recent tweet:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No other means more than that dinner with the people I love. We won’t be doing it this year because I love those people & they love us.

Show how much you care by not putting your or someone else’s life at risk. Don’t make it a meal to die for.”

You can see the tweet below.