The iconic co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, expressed his sorrow upon receiving the sad news that a fellow rocker, with whom he had shared the stage, passed away.

Ken Hensley, Uriah Heep’s keyboard player and chief songwriter passed away on the 4th of November at the age of 75, following a short illness. Uriah Heep was and still is one of the most well-known heavy rock bands of all time, and Ken Hensley was the writer of some of their most famous songs, such as Lady in Black.’

Paul Stanley is known for actively using his social media to both reflect his views on numerous matters and reach out to his fans. Upon receiving the sorrowful news about Ken Hensley’s death, he once again used his Twitter account to share his feelings of sadness and cherish the times they toured together during the ’70s. He referred to Ken Hensley as a true rockstar’ and attributed a great part of the band’s success to his work, which is a great compliment coming from a legendary rockstar like Paul Stanley.

Losing a fellow rocker is already hard, but losing a person with whom you have shared the stage and created unforgettable memories must be harder. Paul Stanley reflected his sorrow through his tweet and honored Ken Hensley’s memory one more time.

Here is what Paul Stanley said in his latest tweet upon receiving the sad news:

“RIP Ken Hensley. Uriah Heep toured with us in the seventies. We were thrilled to have them share the stage with us. A classic British powerhouse with a slew of killer songs and soaring harmonies. Ken was a huge part of their success and a true rockstar.”

You can check out the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account, below.